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Things Charismatic
People Do Differently
To Stand Out

1. They carry themselves well Charismatic people walk into a room like they own the joint. When giving a speech or presentation, they dress well, stand up straight, and make eye contact with members of the audience. They also aren’t afraid to give a humanizing smirk every once in a while, to remind everyone that they aren’t robots. Although you should never judge a book by its cover, it’s human nature to do so; charismatic people understand this, and present themselves accordingly. 2. They’re persuasive Charismatic people are able to take complex, abstract ideas, and make them concrete and understandable. They also have the ability to connect seemingly unrelated ideas in order to prove a point or get a message across. Charismatic people can also take global ideas and relate them to a local audience. By using facts and emotional appeal, the most charismatic people can convince an audience of almost anything. 3. They’re good listeners Not only do charismatic people know how... (more)

Financial Visions
Focus On Income Over Assets In Your Retirement Planning
What is the more important marker in retirement planning: income or assets? This is an important question for retirees. After all, retirement can last for 30 years or longer. It isn’t a time to make mistakes. Inferior planning may lead to income gaps or other unnecessary financial complications. In past discussion, we have noted how income planning differs from investment planning, especially with its focus on monthly income. Retirement is a phase of “distribution,” or where we draw on a nest egg for income. It’s different from the working years, when we are accumulating assets and can “refill the bucket” with employment income, should we incur investment losses. Seniors don’t have this luxury during their retirement years. For this reason, among others, we believe that income should be the primary focus. Here’s a look at some reasons why income should be a planning priority, and why you may want to account for this in your planning, as well. Why... (more)

Normal Is A Myth
the comeback starts today!
Jesus spent 40 days in the wilderness. I have no excuse for spending 6 1/2 years there. It's never too late to become what you might have been. Everyone runs in a ditch sooner or later, but not everyone gets back on the road.

mY BlOg
hari ini...22 sept 2016...agak lama tak dah kawen pun.kawen sebab orang kenenkan.tak pe la...follow the flow.tengok ape yang akan jadi nanti.masih bekerja di CM.sedih....ehmmm...sedih,pilu,sayu dan sewaktu dengannya..bila kita terlalu menjaga hati orang,tak boleh langsung tengok hati orang disakiti,tengok orang rasa sedih,me cuba cover..sebab nak jaga hati.tapi bila tiba masa,orang tu tak boleh and tak mampu jaga hati me sebab nak jaga hati orang lain ehmmm memang terasa terpukul...rasa macam tak dihargai...sedih yang sangat2...mesti pening baca blog kali ni kan...sory memang agak beremosi hari ini sampai telah bertindak menutup satu benda..hati ni tak tertanggung sedihnya..jadi adalah lebih baik tutup dari hati sakit....sakit yang sangat2...tuhan je yang tau macamana rasanya...mudah untuk ungkap kata2 maaf tapi yang menjaga berbulan2 tak de siapa yang tau and hargai...ok itu aje cite hari ni...susah nak sembuh...lebih baik bawak diri...undur diri...jumpa di blog... (more)

And most of the time you are not able to express your feelings, the way you want to express it. You want to but some reasons are holding you back because you haven't got someone who is fully trust worthy for you and ready to accept you irrespective of anything.

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